december goals

we’ve made it to the end of 2016. it’s definitely been quite the year, and I get the sense that this last month is going to feel like the end of a long marathon. I decided to keep it short with my goals for this month as I know life is going to be crazy with work, play, and events for the next 31 days.

in terms of last months goals, I was overall fairly successful: for the most part, I stuck diligently to no spend november and I saved so much money. in this season of consumerism, it was so great to take a brutally honest look at my spending habits; I honestly really enjoyed having friends over for meals instead of eating out and watching movies I’d been meaning to get around to rather than visiting the theatre. I was fairly diligent about sticking to the gym (until I got super sick, which meant for one full week I only hit the gym once), and used the meditative breathing strategy most days. sadly, I did not clean out my storage closet as I decided to revisit that goal in january as I’m putting away all of my christmas decorations. 

one / complete the minimalism game. I heard about this from the edmonton journal this morning, and instantly knew I wanted to try it. this challenge instructs you to liquidate belongings for the whole month of december - giving away one item on the first day, two items on the second, and so on. by the end of the month, I will have given away nearly 500 items. I’m questioning whether or not I have 496 items to purge, but like no spend november, this challenge another way of examining the consumerism that surrounds the gifting season. if you want to follow along with my minimalism game, you can find my updates here.

two / stick to nutritional and fitness goals throughout the holidays. december is known as a brutal month for weight gain, and I don’t want the holidays to get in the way of the success I’ve had already or the fitness goals I’m still working towards. I won’t be skipping all of the holiday treats or events, but I’m not letting this very fattening month sidetrack me from where I want to be. this means enjoying in moderation, and making an effort to continue mostly eating whole foods and hitting the gym!

three / enjoy christmas. if you’ve ever talked to me about christmas, you know that it is my favourite holiday of the year. I love how friendly people become in december, I love snow, I love twinkling lights and christmas parties and holiday treats… and the list goes on. despite my deep seated love for christmas, I often find myself spending the month of december running around like a maniac between work and trying to do everything and be everywhere. this month I’ve made myself a holiday advent calendar that includes one christmassy thing to do every day leading up to christmas. I’m working on being very intentional about enjoying every moment of each of the activities and treats I have planned for myself. 

that’s all I’m working on this month - what are you goals for december?