eight ways to romance yourself this valentine's day

I am really lucky to be completely in love with being single. I love that when I get home at night, the night is mine. I love that I never have to ask someone else what kind of take out to order. I love that my future is nearly limitless. while I’m enjoying this part of my life a lot, sometimes holidays like valentine’s day can make me feel like I have in some way failed by choosing to be alone and not having a relationship. if you look past the cheesy ridiculousness that comes with the commercial part of this holiday, valentine’s day is really just about showing appreciation for your significant other. this helped me to decide to spend this valentine’s day really showing love for myself! I’m really looking forward to it, so I thought I’d share what I have planned.

one make a delicious breakfast / there are many ways that I am basically Leslie Knope, but my love of waffles is possibly what makes us the most similar. I’m planning to make myself a giant waffle breakfast. this would obviously be incomplete without step number 2.

two drink expensive coffee / recently my bestie picked up some phil&seb coffee for me on his last trip to calgary, which means I get to home brew the smoothest coffee I’ve ever had. drinking great coffee in a cute mug is one of my very favourite things.

three listen to my favourite songs / since I’ll be off on valentine’s day, I’m going to listen to good music all day. this will undoubtedly include beyoncé, of monsters and men, the lumineers (their new track!? damn!), and mumford and sons. I wanna cycle through old favourites and new albums that I haven’t had a chance to really listen to.

four light some candles & spa-myself / this might sound pretty typical, but there is something delightful about surrounding yourself with little happy lights that smell great. just because this girl is on a spending-freeze doesn’t mean I can’t pamper myself a little bit! while binging on gilmore girls, I’ll be giving myself a mani and pedi and enjoying a face mask.

five do some relaxing yoga / yoga is one of my favourite ways to spend time alone. I love how it forces me to consider every single part of my body and how it inspires me to let go of the stress. 

six hang some artwork / even though I’ve lived in my apartment for roughly 6 months, my walls are still basically completely bare. there’s something uber-satisfying about bare walls and empty surfaces to me, but I have several prints/photos that I really care about and want to hang, especially in my bedroom.

seven read a book / something that I never make the time to do (but love doing) is reading. I have a shelf full of books I want to read (including wild, the help & paper towns) - and I keep buying more books! I definitely want to spend a little bit of time indulging in some good books.

eight watercolour myself a love letter / okay, I know this sounds obscenely corny, but over the last few weeks I have been writing down a list of things I appreciate about myself. lately I’ve also been really enjoying watercolours. I plan to put the two together and make myself a little gift. *shrugs* I love me, okay?

how do you plan to spend your valentine’s day? what are your favourite ways to show yourself some lovin’?