happy wednesday! we’ve made it halfway through the week. because I work in retail, it is actually my friday today! I’m also ridiculously excited because from today it is only seven days until my sister gets here! I cannot wait for her to arrive; we’ve got so many fun plans from dancing to furniture shopping to photoshoots. she’s going to be here for a whole week, and I’m really looking forward to the vacation. today, for hump-day, I’m linking up with plucky for some confessions. 

I confess…

…lately I haven’t been feeling very “into” makeup. this feels pretty weird for me because I normally absolutely love makeup and putting on my face. recently I haven’t felt like putting on anything past mascara, and when I do put lipstick on, I forget to reapply it when it wears off. 

…forgetting to reapply my lipstick frequently means I’m rocking the “outline o” that tends to appear as lipstick transfers off of your lips. this means lately I’ve been running around looking like a weirdo. great.

…I get really offended when people say they like tea better than coffee, but not because I want them to like coffee. back in the day, I used to be a GIANT tea drinker (like 6 cups a day, minimum). while I still love tea and usually have a cup before bed, coffee has become my one true love. when people say they prefer tea, I always feel like they’re insulting me because I’ve always secretly felt that tea is more sophisticated than coffee. 

…I’m kind of embarrassed that I just had a rant regarding tea and coffee. my life is clearly full of excitement.

…I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly I want this blog to be as I’ve been writing up my fresh about me page. this blog’s one year birthday is coming up, and there has already been so much change from my original vision. I know for sure that I want this to be a space to talk about relationships, adulting, minimalism, and hopefully makeup too. does this mean I’m settling into my genre??

well, that’s what I have for today, amigos. I hope you’re having a lovely week and that your march is off to a great start. what do you have to confess today?