3 tips to combat dry skin this winter

I secretly love winter. I love hot coffee, giant blanket scarves, and big, fluffy snowflakes. in Alberta winter is 6 months long, so it’s best to embrace the season - I learned to love it. after spending years in this province I’d hoped my skin would have learned to embrace winter too, but it still craves the humid, coastal British Columbian air that I grew up on. 

since winter is more of a lifestyle than a season in Alberta, I’ve had to come up with strategies to deal with my excessively dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin. today I’ll be sharing a few of my most effective tips to avoid cracked, sore, dry skin this winter. 

use oils / I like heavenly-scented moisturizers as much as the next girl, but moisturizers don’t effectively permeate every layer of your skin. when I learned about this I began researching alternatives to the typical lotions I'd been using. Eden’s Semilla was kind enough to send me a few of their oils in exchange for a review - and it has been an absolute game changer for my eczema. after I shower or spend a long period of time outside, I use Vitamin E Oil on the driest areas (for some reason, I get terrible eczema breakouts on my shins), and it has done me wonders! it’s keeping my breakouts at bay, leaving my skin soft and even healing some of my eczema scars! I actually don't think I'll ever go back to regular lotions after using it. on my face and hands, I’ve been using Organic Jojoba Oil. I was initially nervous about using an oil on my face (I was afraid of acne!), but jojoba oil is incredibly similar to the sebum our skin naturally produces. my face has been radiant, acne-free, and so soft since I started using this. 

get a humidifier / I’ve had a cold water humidifier for about two years now, and it makes a surprisingly big difference in my skin. I run it every night though the winter, and adding moisture into the air has made my skin as happy as it makes my plants. according to the internet, humidifiers can also keep colds at bay! I recommend getting a cold humidifier; the warm ones are more likely to encourage the growth of bacteria and need to be cleaned more often.

drink water / we know that drinking water is the best thing you can do for your entire body, but we often forget that water directly impacts the appearance and quality of the skin. while the water we drink is distributed to all of our organs and cells (our skin doesn’t perk up as soon as we drink a glass of water!), ensuring you’re always effectively hydrating your body will help your skin to appear more radiant and to feel less itchy. 

hopefully these tips will be helpful to you! please share in the comments below - what are your secrets for dealing with dry skin?